Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

As a successful entrepreneur, striking the right balance is key and prioritizing is the smartest way to build a business. Your problem can be easily solved by hiring a trained and experienced virtual assistant. We have seen that many business owners, professionals are so busy that they find it difficult to manage their work.

There are a variety of tasks that can be delegated to a virtual assistant, and you can focus on key areas of your business. A virtual assistant can handle social media, content development, book-keeping, administrative tasks, travel bookings, project management, and much more.

When your VA is handling these tasks, you can pay attention to other important strategic moves for the growth of your business.

“You have to know how to DELEGATE down, so you can RISE UP.”

Trust me, when you hire a virtual assistant, your life becomes much easier.

Here are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant:
1.Lesser Costs
  • Hourly Salaries

When you hire a virtual assistant, they charge on an hourly basis. You can hire a virtual assistant to complete your small tasks. Whereas hiring a full-time employee is costlier than hiring a virtual assistant.

  • Low operating costs

The virtual assistants work from their workspace or homes. So, the cost of office space and maintenance cost is saved. At the end of the day, money saved is money earned.

  • Low training costs

A full-time employee requires extensive training in different areas, but a virtual assistant performs the tasks in which they are the experts and do not require training most of the time.


When you hire a virtual assistant, they take care of the time-consuming tasks and your precious time is saved which can be devoted to other important matters. A virtual assistant is well trained to look after your travel bookings, maintaining excel files, replying to an email, etc. You can utilize your time to acquire different skill sets. You can also spend these extra hours for leisure- vacation, family, and friends.

3.Business Growth
“A virtual assistant is a skilled asset who organizes your chaos.”

The growth of a business is not possible with a single hand. You need an extra pair of hands to share your workload. It is not necessary to hire a full-time employee. A virtual assistant can be hired for the number of hours according to your requirement who will share your workload and will complete the tasks efficiently.

  • Important decisions

A virtual assistant saves your time and you can utilize your important time in decision making.

  • Progress

When you can give time to important areas of your business, it starts to progress. Again, if you have more work due to expanding business, you can take the services of a virtual assistant for more hours.

  • Support system

A virtual employee is an experienced professional and you can hire them to complete your essential tasks. A virtual employee is the best support system for you and your business.

4.Hire the best talent

When you are hiring a fulltime employee, there are geographical restrictions. But when you are hiring a remote assistant, they can be hired from anywhere in the world. This gives you access to a global pool of talent.

5. Fully trained

VA’s are fully trained and complete complex tasks like managing your social media handles, email marketing, handling your finances, etc. You can take advantage of diverse skillset of a virtual assistant. VAs provide quality service to the clients and handle everything quite well.

6. Confidentiality

You need not worry when a virtual assistant is working for you. A virtual assistant will work in the best interests of the company and will maintain full confidentiality.

7.High productivity

A virtual assistant can complete different sets of tasks in lesser time. They can easily juggle up between a variety of tasks.

When the business grows, the workload increases manifold. And sometimes, it is not feasible for the business to hire a full-time employee. At that time, a virtual assistant comes to your rescue.

Why choose Nimble as your trusted Virtual Assistant provider
  • All Virtual Assistants professionally managed by Nimble
  • We hire the best talent, only 1-2% applicants are selected
  • All assistants have minimum 5 years of experience
  • Highly qualified professionals, with diverse skill-sets
  • Thorough vetting process
  • 1 month of rigorous in-house training
  • Training on 50+ business and executive tasks